September 12, 2019

Good afternoon RHL parents,

Our mission at RHL is to inspire students with a motivation for learning and support families with quality educational options.  On September 19 and 20, we plan to build upon our current practice so parents can plan better with all of their children’s teachers.  View Parent Day video.

Why? We want to provide you with better information and direction so your child a more connected five-day experience between RHL classes and learning at home.  Building upon orientation, you will get more specific details on what children are learning in class and discover additional resources that will help your children learn more.

Who?  All parents will attend with their children during either a morning or afternoon on the day that your child normally attends classes.

How will this work?  Choose (by advisor/main teacher) one half-day schedule – morning or afternoon – and follow your child’s class schedule through five shortened periods on the day your child normally attends. We are dividing each day into two shortened half days in order to alleviate classroom overcrowding, minimize parking issues, and if you have more than one child, connect with two children’s teachers. If you have two children you can attend the morning with one child and the afternoon session with the second.  If you have more than two children here, choose to follow two of their schedules. Although you won’t be able to attend all of your other children’s classes, you will be further along the road toward more coordinated planning with more teachers than now.

What do I do?  Look at the daily class schedule we will follow on these two days and decide on the session(s) you plan to attend.  Click here to sign up for the morning or afternoon session, or both, that you will attend and to sign up if you plan to eat school lunch from the cafeteria. Click on this link to view the Parent Day video.  

I am excited to see the emerging results from this more comprehensive connection among teachers, students, and parents.  Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to ‘go deeper’ in our model and expand our relationships with all of your children’s teachers.  It is new. It will be cool. It will be worth it. See you then.

The next opportunity to formally make this connection is Thurs., Oct. 31, and Fri., Nov. 1.

Mark Clements, Principal


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