River HomeLink Programs

River HomeLink has many different programs to meet the various needs of our students and families. Students learn from anywhere and at their own pace. Certificated teachers support student success through in-person consultations. All programs meet district graduation requirements. Read all about our programs below.


  • PrimeLink – K – 8
  • PrimeLink – CoreLink 1 – 8
  • Middle School Link (MS Link) – 6 – 8
  • ClassLink
    • LitLink
    • StemLink
  • Exploring Arts & Culture
  • Home-Based Instruction & Stand-Alone Core and Elective Classes – K – 8


  • RHL High School – 2 Day Hybrid
  • RHL High School – Home-Based Instruction
  • and options to take classes at other schools like BGVA, CTA, Clark, and C.A.S.E.E.

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Dinie Morr
Head Secretary

Jennifer Hatcher

Lynda Meza
Asst. Secretary, Attendance


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River HomeLink Programs

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If the student leaves the program at any time during the school year, the student and/or parent must notify RHL so that teachers can provide grades and close the students’ account. All district-owned books or equipment must be returned and all fees/fines owed to the school or cafeteria must be paid.

If you wish to unenroll your student from River HomeLink, please complete the Student Withdrawal Request form.

PrimeLink K-8

PrimeLink serves to empower K-8 families who desire to educate their child(ren) at home. Families receive weekly advising to assist in planning, executing, and reporting of their student’s educational journey. If needed, we will provide an approved curriculum appropriate for your child’s learning level. Also available to our students are two-day per week classes and various elective classes.

Advisory based family support includes: parent mentoring plus one-on-one student support, once per week.
Supports: goals / time management / learning challenges / strategies / mentoring / learning styles
See PrimeLink programs: CoreLink A, B, C, and Middle School Link. Electives as desired.

PrimeLink – Corelink 1-8

CoreLink classes are multi-grade and covers core subjects such as English Language Arts and Math. There are 16 students per class. Group A has 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders together. Group B has 3rd, 4th & 5th graders together. Group C has 6th, 7th & 8th graders together.

Group A = ELA + Math
Group B = ELA
Group C = ELA

Groups A & B: Parents attend class once per week with student and all advising sessions.
Group C: Parents attend class at least half-time for the first six weeks. After six weeks, parents attend as needed and all advising sessions.

Middle School Link (MS Link) – 6-8 

MS Link classes are multi-grade and covers Literature, Writing and History. Stand-alone options available for math, science, and other classes. There are 24 students per class.

At home learning: 3 days per week
In person on campus:
2 days per week
Student advising:
Parent / guardian attendance: 2 times per month**

*Weekly tutoring for students. Parents are required to attend at least twice per month which satisfies advising requirements.
Parent attendance in class will be determined by student progress, but will be no less than once per month.

I am looking for a program to help guide my homeschool journey by meeting with an adviser


PrimeLink lead teacher Amy Avery’s website

ClassLink – 1-8 

ClassLink classes are multi-grade and covers reading, writing, literacy, math, social studies, science, technology. There are 20-24 students per class.

At home learning: 3 days per week
In person on campus: 2 days per week
Student advising: once per month
Parent / guardian attendance:
1/2 day per month and all advising sessions

Exploring Arts and Culture

Exploring Arts and Culture classes are multi-grade and covers social studies, art, music, drama and research-based projects. EAC is a two-day-a-week humanities class designed to introduce and strengthen student understanding of our culturally diverse, interdependent world. Through inquiry, analysis, and exploration, students will be encouraged to develop opinions about historical events, to ask questions to better understand the people within each unit, and to compare cultures to seek out similarities and differences. There are 20-24 students per class.

At home learning: 3 days per week
In person on campus: 2 days per week
Student advising: once per month
Parent / guardian attendance:
once per month

I am looking for a program with on campus classes two days per week and an adviser to help guide my child’s learning path at home.


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