We commit to inspire students with an enthusiasm for learning. We support families by providing a
unique variety of quality educational opportunities in a safe environment.

Respect, Responsibility, Honesty

About River HomeLink

River HomeLink is a family-friendly, accredited public school that provides a range of educational options and supports for kindergarten-12th grade students living within the Battle Ground Public School district. Families can choose from part or full-time programs that provide home school, classroom and independent study opportunities. The River Online program offers online and digital courses to students in grades six through 12. All students are assigned a certificated teacher with whom they and their parents meet regularly. Parents play an active role in their child’s education; both on campus and at home. River HomeLink was designated a 2018 Washington School of Distinction, marking the third year the school has received this designation.


River HomeLink school began in 1996 in Camas, WA as a way to serve east county families seeking a different kind of educational experience. In 2011, Battle Ground Public Schools moved the alternative school back home.

Teacher Alesa Corrin – Her love of doodling earned her an assignment from River HomeLink Principal Matt Kesler – to paint a mural on the west wall of the school’s common area.


Dinie Morr
Head Secretary

Kelly Farah
Online Learning Specialist

Dawn Hunt

Lynda Meza
Asst. Secretary, Attendance


I have made nice friends and my teacher is the greatest teacher in the whole wide world.” ~ 2nd grade student, RHL

I’ve made lots of new friends. I’ve learned how to do lots of art techniques and in Lego physics I’ve learned how  windmills and clocks work. ” ~ 4th grade student, RHL

Because of all the options I know I can be whatever I want later in life.” ~ 7th grade student, RHL

The teachers at RHL have been very encouraging! They are constantly pushing me to do my best throughout everything.” ~ 8th grade student, RHL

It has given me, a person who was purely home schooled for about six years, an opportunity to understand what it’s like in a real school, and make plenty of wonderful friends, and try cafeteria food (which I love), it gives me the chance to learn in a…more normal schooling atmosphere, not saying that home schooling isn’t normal, but, I love RHL much better and hope to attend there for later years to come.” ~ 9th grade student, RHL

River Homelink is a very good school. The atmosphere is much more suitable for me than a normal public high school. Here, I have learned to stretch myself out of my own little bubble of comfort. I find myself reaching out to others, putting myself out there, and making new friends. It’s a place to grow not only my artistic and literary talents, but also my people skills. I have enjoyed my seven years here and this school will always have a special place in my heart when I leave port and set sail toward intrepid adventures in the Grand Outside World!” ~ 12th grade student, RHL


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