Shout out to BGPS’ online learning teachers

staffWords won’t express my gratitude and appreciation but I’ll try… to our River Online Teachers who have been on a novel service path for the past 6+ years, I am humbled by your willingness to turn on a dime and learn an entirely different educational paradigm in the spirit of meeting student’s needs and personalizing options, one learner at a time.

Because of you, students have succeeded, many who didn’t see themselves as able and our program has flourished and expanded. The student stories are varied and incredibly touching.

We have gone from a handful of people dabbling to the need for training 15-20+ staff across the district and we haven’t yet touched our middle school programs yet.

To our original credit and credit recovery staffs across the district that have melded with the ROL original credit team, you have created robust online learning options for BGPS students, I applaud you. Who even knew what a superclassroom was 5 years ago? Ask Jen Havig, Mary Welter, and Katheryn Lamoureux.

Trying new ways of delivering course credit has been challenging and rewarding. Because of your pioneering spirits, we now have labs running at both buildings and parts of our media centers are being retrofitted to make way for future student learning environment options.

I appreciate all of you. You have made our vision possible and given students learning voice that many would not have considered pre-pandemic. Online learning is here to stay and because of your work and skill, it is a vibrant source of hope for many in the BG school system.


Darlene Wilgus, assistant principal


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