RHL 21-22 Orientation days will be here soon!

Wednesday 9/1 is the First Day of School and we are excited to see you!  Below is the schedule for our first week.  

Families will come in for orientation in an “open house” format, meaning that you will come in anytime during your time block below, associated with the first letter of your last name.

This is an outdoor event and masking is optional based on your comfort level.  Masks are required for all people that are entering the building.  We plan to have as much accessible outdoors as possible but please bring a mask in case you need to access something inside.

Wednesday 9/1*: PrimeLink, ROL and HBI

AM session 9:00 – 11:00 (A – M)

PM session noon – 2:00 (N – Z)

*Pictures are not available this day – please stop in on Thurs or Fri to get student and parent photos taken.


Thursday 9/2: Monday/Thursday programs and classes  

AM session 9:00 – 11:00 (A – M)

PM session noon – 2:00 (N – Z)


Friday 9/3: Tuesday/Friday programs and classes 

AM session 9:00 – 11:00 (A – M)

PM session noon – 2:00 (N – Z)


While you are here for orientation, every family will:

  • Meet your teachers (pick up any materials and get important information)
  • Take a photo – all students and parents need a photo taken for a school ID, even if pictures are not being ordered (Thursday/Friday only)
  • Check out textbooks / Chromebooks
  • Some teachers/programs might have additional things they need you to do while you are on campus. If this applies to your family, you will receive this information directly from your teacher/advisor. If you have questions after receiving information from your teacher/advisor, please reply to their email. The office will not have this particular information.

Families are encouraged to take care of these things as well during orientation, if applicable:

  • Drop off medication at the health room or stop by for any questions about immunizations
  • Stop by the office with your ID for volunteer clearance
    •  Every adult who participates on campus must be a cleared volunteer.
    • A form was included online in the Annual Student Update in Skyward Family Access that must be completed. If you did not complete this, you may log back in and do this now.
  • Skyward parent login troubleshooting: get help from our front office or a program secretary

BEFORE you come in for orientation, it is important that you view the student schedule in Skyward Family Access. If you would like to request a schedule change for your student, please see the following:

  • K-8 Students: Parents will log into Skyward Family Access and use Arena Scheduling to add or change electives, math or science. We will not be processing class changes during the month of September. Contact your advisor for questions.
  • HS students/parents will request any schedule changes HERE. Changes will be made prior to 9/1. If there is a question or issue with the requested change, a staff member will reach out to you.
  • All grades (K-12): If a parent would like to make a change to the program that a student is in (K-12), please use this form to let us know ASAP. You will be contacted to set an appointment with an advisor to take care of this.

If you have received this email and you do not plan for your student to join us this fall, please complete this Student Withdrawal Request, then we will withdraw your student from enrollment.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

~ River HomeLink Staff


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