This is Mark Clements, Principal at River HomeLink, with the first RHL announcements of the 2019-20 school year.First, orientation for new students and families will occur on Tuesday, August 27.  Orientation for returning students and families will occur on Wednesday, August 28.  Regular class schedule will begin on Thursday, August 29.  Specific schedules for the orientation days will be emailed by this Thursday afternoon, after the teachers return from their summer break.Second, pictures for all students, parents, grandparents, and anyone else planning to be on campus or go on field trips, will be taken Tuesday, August 27 through Thursday, August 29, from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.  You can get your pictures taken for name badges and picture packages any time during those three days.  I would encourage you to wait until after 10:00 am on Wednesday only, because it will be the first day of school for Maple Grove and many parents will bring their children to school the first morning.  There probably won’t be a place to park until around 9:45 am.Third, as we look forward to the new school year, we are planning to work together to build upon the successes of the past.  We plan to strengthen the communication between all teachers and parents.  We plan to invite all parents to be welcome and present on campus and plan to provide a variety of professional development opportunities for parents.  We plan to encourage everyone to live out our behavior expectations of:  respect and responsibility, honesty, and lead with compassion.  Let’s continue to make RHL a safe place for all of our young people by being respectful, caring adults.Finally, let’s all strive to look for ways that we can honor each person we come in contact with.  Let’s courageously look at how we help our young people learn more than they have in the past.   Let’s look for ways to encourage each other – students, parents, and staff – so that this year will be the most positive, healthy, and hopeful year yet.  Again, start looking for emails from teachers and the school after Thursday, for more specific information on the first few days of school.  Thank you for choosing River HomeLink as an educational option for your child(ren) and family.  It is a privilege to serve you and I am looking forward to seeing you often on campus as we create a unique, safe and encouraging school environment for your children.


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