About Online Learning

Unlike other RHL programs, Online Learning does not require on-campus parent participation.

Online Learning (called ROL) is an innovative, engaging educational program that inspires students to learn from anywhere and at their own pace. Not everyone learns the same, so we try to accommodate different learning styles. For example, some of our programs are reading based with written instruction while others offer more video media for visual learners. Certificated teachers support student success through email, online consultations and in-person consultations.

Self-motivated, goal-oriented students who work best in a quiet, self-paced environment excel in this program. Elementary age students will require extensive assistance from a Learning Coach which is usually a parent or guardian, while teachers take more of an advisory role.

Depending on a student’s progress, on-site (face-to-face) time may be required to support student success. Online Learning uses state approved courses offered through a variety of online course providers.


Online learning for K-12 students

  • Full-time, 30 hours of learning activities per week.
  • Part time enrollment options.
  • Students receive encouragement from certificated teachers and set goals during on-site lab sessions.
  • Flexible schedule, web-based curriculum.
  • Robust course options, including core subjects and electives from fashion design to world languages.
  • Certificated teachers and staff support students and parents during in-person consultations.


Who can attend ROL?

Online Learning is available to students within the district: Battle Ground High School, Prairie High School, CAM, River HomeLink or Summit View High School. To apply, students must be referred by their counselor from the school they attend. Students outside the school district may inquire about enrollment availability.

What is the Enrollment Process for Online Learning?

Step 1) Fill out River Online Interest Form for the 2023-24 school year

Step 2) Once you have filled out the Interest Form, you will receive an invitation to attend a New Family Meeting. During this meeting families will learn about the programs, have an opportunity to ask questions, and understand the commitments students and parents can expect. The second part of the New Family Meeting involves meeting with an advisor for an individualized Student Learning Plan.

Step 3) If you decide RHL is the schooling option that works for you and your family, welcome! The next step is to complete the New Student Online Enrollment in Skyward. Incoming kindergarteners will need to have a copy of their birth certificate. Students older than kindergarten do not need a copy of their birth certificate. More enrollment details are available on our district webpage.

Step 4) A school representative will help you / your student figure out which courses are needed, called forecasting. Your student will then be enrolled and assigned courses. New students will be required to attend orientation on campus. Need additional information? Contact our office at 360-334-8200.


In fall 2023, River Online will become a single, independent school for all online learning in Battle Ground Public Schools.

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