Purchase your 19-20 RHL Yearbook STARTING MONDAY, May 11th!
Yearbooks are on sale, ONLINE ONLY…
for $20.

Get yours now before they are all sold out!
[FYI- I have to put the order in on June 1st, and only order an extra 10 books].

If we sell 100 by May 31st, Yearbook will share the photo folders from the Fall Dance, Fall Spirit Week and the Winter Formal!

Thank you for your patience…It has been one weird year!

Purchase from the RHL Yearbook Website!


[Also found under Clubs on the RHL webpage.]
Purchase Button and helpful instructions there.

ALSO, while on the RHL Yearbook website, PLEASE upload any images you have from this whole year! Even during QuarenTime! There are many categories listed and easy ways to upload 10 photos at a time.

The yearbook team is excited to see the photos you can share with us!
Sharing those RHL smiles with others keeps us going.

Please email broyles.rebecca@battlegroundps.org with any questions. Thanks.


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