Winter Formal Catalog

Winter Formal Catalog - order by Feb 13th

posted Feb 2, 2015, 6:51 AM by Shahla Merriman

Winter Formal Photo Catalog is linked below.

Please get the password from the sign in the ASB office window.

There is also a paper catalog in the ASB office.

Photos ordered will be printed on satin photo paper using a commercial printer.

To order:

Write down the image number you want (ex. WF_IMG_3429_34).

Decide if you want 1- 8x10 or 2- 5x7s of the same photo.

1- 8x10 will cost $2.00.

2- 5x7s will cost $2.00.

You have until February 13th to purchase in the ASB office.

Parents, feel free to come in and purchase photos for yourself!

The photos turned out great and would make every grandparent smile!

Buy one or as many as you like! Photos will be handed out the last week of February.

All proceeds go to the RHL Yearbook Club to help with equipment needs and defray the cost of publishing.


(In order to protect privacy, you must get password from ASB office)

(The document is also locked from printing and photos have a watermark that will be removed before final printing.)

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